Indianapolis Faculty Council – meeting minutes June 2019

Faculty Council Meeting Minutes June 28th meeting

In Attendance:

Erica Barrow

Janet Dalzell

Andrew Buckle

Robin Chaddock

Diane Smith- Via Phone

Merrill Yancey

Linda Nicole Morse

Tina Hiett- via phone

J. Braden Barnes

Dorcas Parson

Nicol Bradberry

Marcus Stowe

Patrick Benner

Randall Scott Sharkey- via phone

Lara O’dell

Erica- Gave overview and introductions to the council, reviewed bylaws formation and roles of each council member, highlighting officers, senior faculty, school representatives and adjunct representatives.

Discussed shared email account access

Budget $3,000

                Need to come up with a plan

                Robin and Erica to form a formal budget request for Dr. Brown by end of July.

Assigned subcommittees:

                Standing Subcommittee’s where an extension of current faculty concerns brought to council

                Senior faculty standing subcommittee- Faculty Reclassification

                                Emphasis on mentorship

Members who joined this subcommittee: Janet, Diane, Merrill, Marcus, Braden and Randall

                Faculty Onboarding and mentoring standing subcommittee

                                Members who joined: Patrick, Linda, Nicol, Lara, Robin, and Merrill.

                Faculty Council Web space standing subcommittee

                                On My Ivy- place for information

                                Members who joined: Tina and Erica

                                Possible need for an Ivy Learn Org as well

Objectives needed for the webs pace and possible org in Ivy Learn, what does/should each space be doing?

Question raised: How do we collect faculty voices/concerns?

                Generated ideas included: Google form, Microsoft Teams, Survey Monkey, Email a Rep.

Need to have process in place to direct faculty Human Resources concerns directly to HR when issues of this nature arise

Faculty Reps all shared they have sent emails to their constituents introducing themselves and sharing contacts.

Summer Faculty Loading:

                Concern that it was 1/3 of pay for 40% of the work

                Concern with contact hours versus credit hours as well.

Guest Presenter: Chris Sleppy- Staff Council Chair

                Staff councils next meeting is July 12th

                Seeking ways to get more members involved

                Current projects:

                                Possible professional development day for staff, but possible partnership with Faculty

                                Employee appreciation day


                                Staff Appreciation



                                Professional Development

Guest Presenter- Dr. Rod Brown- VCAA

                Emphasized council will be great for seeing administration’s possible blind spots

                Non- Instructional Week:

                                Changed faculty to any 4 days of that week Mon-Sat, minimum 32 hours on campus

                                Background for this communication:

                                                Chair forums from Spring

                                                                Need for engaging sites

                                                                Deepening for interdepartmental connections

Collaboration opportunities between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs

Expended opportunities for involvement on campus

Find role for professional development

                                Professional Development day had mixed reviews

Measurement on enrollment, retention and completion still a concern, having employees oncomes and available to students is important.

Question: how do we make our large campus feel smaller, for example admissions representatives cannot speak to potential students on a programmatic level for each program offered, faculty do this best. Also the smaller feel is not just for students, but faculty and staff too.

ASOM 7.2 outlines non non-instructional week,

                Definition included 10 non instructional days over spring/fall and can vary from campus to campus. Faculty Handbook states 32 hours.

                                                Some campuses require faculty a 40 hour week Monday-Friday.

                                                There is a lot going on during this week, and having all hands on deck can help.

Opportunity for individual schools and departments to treat it as professional development week as well.

Non instructional week differs from instructional weeks, instructional weeks are determines by schools/departments.

                                Non- instructional week is not just a week for prepping classes.

                                Dr, Brown admits there are perspectives missing and need to be considered.

                Question: How do faculty get held accountable?

                                Submit plan to supervisor or dean and use honor system

                                There is a spirit of presence

                                                Ex. Adjunct in service is part of this non instructional week requirement.

                                                Math Coordinators have a LOT more prep possibly

                                                Faculty should be able to determine the best use of their time

The question is not that faculty are not doing enough, it’s to serve students and assist enrollment, retention and completion.

Guest Presenter: Marry Henehan- Academic Affairs

                Syllabus additional statement regarding food insecurity

Has a statement to place within syllabus urging students to use ERCCC and has hotlinks to additional support

                                Erica will email this to council to share more widely.

                                Council Approved the use of the statement

Next Meeting is scheduled for August 2nd 12pm-2:00pm

More discussion on Professional Development Needed and Faculty Morale.

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