Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting Minutes – July 2019

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting August 2nd


Erica Barrow

Janet Dalzell

Andrew Buckle

Robin Chaddock

Diane Smith

Merrill Yancey

Linda Nicole Morse

J. Braden Barnes

Dorcas Parson

Nicol Bradberry

Marcus Stowe

Patrick Benner

Randall Scott Sharkey- via phone

Lara O’dell- via phone

Liz Gimenez

  1. Introductions to new representative Liz Gimenez

2. Listening Tour, everyone invited, Erica will send out reminder on Monday of Non Instructional week. Need to add in email if you have a question/concern to email ahead of time to faculty.

            Create an agenda: Possible topics

                        Code of decorum should be set

                        Overview & Introduction

                        Role/Authority : “Canary in a coal mine with a bull horn”

                        Academic Freedom Update: Janet

                        Syllabus Statement: Food statement

                        Committee Updates: Faculty Onboarding/Reclassification

Moderated discussion/ need portable microphone /notecards/place to capture anonymous questions.

State known concerns to them and acknowledge

Need guidelines/ expectations

 Ivy Online

Ivy Advising/reporting in the system

 Code of Decorum

 Be a place for gathering faculty questions, receive suggestions

Eric and Stephanie about Zoom and Mics for this meeting- Andrew

3. Subcommittees:

Faculty Onboarding: Pat, Linda (leads in bold), Dorcas, Nicol, Lara, and Robin

Adjunct (Brandon Houston) vs. Full Time vs. Chair

What already exists?


Reclassification: Janet, Diane (leads in bold), Merrill, Marcus, Braden, Andrew and Randall

Figure out dates

Workshop for people going through the process with examples and tips

Contact rod for dates and Stephanie and Jennifer for shell

Statewide vs. Campus expectations, do we have to use Canvass?


            Do we need others? Professional Development?

            Erica and Allen will work on Webspace

            Need leaders and set goals for these committees.

4. Ivy Online

            Erica provided background: Ivy online statewide house

            Pay rate is an issue throughout the state

            Indy was in top tier of payment, council at statewide is aware unintended consequence but will be brought up at next statewide meeting at end of September

Erica Drafts a formal positional statement to campus leadership about concern, will share response to council/campus faculty at large

5. Janet passed out formal academic freedom statement draft and would like to have feedback from council members

Comes from Academic freedom committee at statewide level, it is a statement not formal policy in ASOM.

Marcus Stowe: brought up printers do not work.

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