Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting Minutes _ Sept 2019

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting September 13th, 2019


Erica Barrow

Janet Dalzell

Andrew Buckle

Robin Chaddock

Diane Smith

Merrill Yancey

Linda Nicole Morse

J. Braden Barnes

Nicol Bradberry

Marcus Stowe

Lara O’dell

  1. Wrap up From Faculty Listening Tour:
    1. In future consider putting all meetings on same day during non-instructional week such as chancellor’s address, Vice Chancellor’s Address, and Faculty Council Annual Meeting. Erica can work with Dr. Brown on setting this up. There was also discussion of offering a second meeting for a more acceptable time for adjuncts to attend a swell.
    1. Some concern that this listening tour was too much about the council and not enough time to faculty to raise issues to the council.

There is a big difference between FT and PT faculty concern, this led to the idea above of having to semester kick off meetings one for FT and another for PT.

  • The idea of having the PT faculty meeting around non instructional week was considered.
  • Reclassification:
    • Janet is getting a list of all F5’s
    • People are unsure who to go to for portfolio technical help now that Dennis is gone
    • Intent forms are due at the end of this month
    • Currently surveying people who recently went through process for feedback
    • Need help with mentoring folks going through process
    • Nov. 1st is deadline for a draft in our campus area and mentoring can take place afterwards.
    • Questioned why Dec. 1st due date- Erica will speak at statewide council about this.
    • Need to work on communication timeline for promotion.
  • Oasis:
    • Non profit organization with a national effort to promote lifelong learning for 50+ year olds. Indianapolis has a branch and looking to build relationships within the community. Starting with Indiana higher education institutions.
    • They offer classes in trimesters
    • They are a current partner with YMCA and Health Plex but not courses in exercise.
    • Provided a catalogue of offerings
    • Looking for volunteers to teach classes.
    • Hosting open house on Oct. 2nd at ITCC need to identify best time of day to visit for faculty to connect
    • Volunteers would select their topics to teach on, no age requirement for teachers.
  • Employee Recognition Committee
    • Inner will be held on Nov. 21st from 5-7ish
    • Connect with Julie Kirby
    • Robin and Diane volunteered to help
  • Onboarding subcommittee
    • No updates yet
    • Pat and Linda will reach out to Brandon Houston and Sarah Hauger for more
  • Webspace Update:
    • There is currently content on the site
    • Allan Lewis and Erica are working on this
  • Faculty Council Recommendation Follow Up
    • Erica met with Dr. Brown regarding 360 review, he is in favor for supervisors who are interested Dr. Handy and staff council are on board a swell.
      • Dr. Brown was encouraging it, but not requiring the shift yet
      • Discussion: need of culture of communication creating safe space to be open and a suggestion was made that Dr. Brown implement this concept and review process with his own cabinet.
  • Statewide Council Meet
    • Meeting date is Oct. 4th from 9a-4p
    • Andrew and Janet will likely go in Erica’s place, Erica has conflicting engagement with ASAP program on this date.
    • Erica will create information from faculty meetings and correspondence to aid in information sharing that Janet and Andrew will present to statewide council.
  • Other issues brought up
    • Parking at Lawrence campus- Marcus will speak with Lawanda
    • Needs to be transparency with systems office budget
    • Degree completion tracker not programmed for some programs correctly, SAMAS school brought up examples, other faculty agreed it has inconsistencies but not clear path to get it resolved with systems office. It’s affecting graduation rates

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