IAC Meeting Minutes 10_18_2019


10/18/19 – Abbreviated version (ZOOM)

  1. Announcement went out on Thursday evening to all faculty to remind them to post final grades for 1st eight weeks and mid-term grades for 16 week courses before the deadline on Tuesday, October 22.
  • Reminder that the Diversity Training was due 100/16/19.  If you have completed the training, please do so immediately and also remind all faculty and staff to do so. 
  1. Dr. Lee is the Chancellor Lead for Goal 8 and her region should have the most completed.
  • By fall 2022 all online courses will be part of Ivy Online.  No regional online courses will exist. 
    • Cyndi Stout to send a reminder email to Dr. Brown for him to inquire if this also includes K14 (Charter Schools)
    • This does not include hybrid courses.
  • Ivy Tech is pursuing the accreditation for NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) – the self-study is similar to other Higher Ed accreditations that we have pursued.
  • Program Review opens in November – Dr. Monroe stressed to carefully consider what should and should not be offered in each service area, be strategic in what should be added or eliminated.
  • Faculty/Staff Involvement – along with NACEP, a statewide committee will be developed to look at policies, handbook, etc.  There will be various roles to fill, so several levels of faculty, staff, subject matter experts, etc. will be considered.  More to come in November.
  • Jessica – updates
    • Met with several people to develop timelines for chairs to follow for submitting courses – updates to be presented soon.
    • Met with site VC’s to start plans for courses and pathway – updates to be presented soon
  • Rhonda – updates
    • Distance Ed testing increased due to increase of 8 week courses.  Over 800 students tested this week.
    • Possible opportunities for other faculty to be trained on room managing at the testing center.
  • Rachel – updates
    • Today, Downtown – National day of writing from 11am-2pm
    • Trunk or Treat – Downtown – Friday, October 25 from 6-9pm
  1. Lori – updates
    1. New initiative – Fresh Start 2020
      1. Targeting previous students from the last 8 years that had balances to try to convert back to active students – may see a marketing campaign
      1. CCEC (Career Coaching) – Executive Director position posted and interview will start soon.  Alpha first will be School of IT
  2. Mary – updates
    1. Perkins has opened for over  $5000 purchases – a meeting will be scheduled soon to discuss
  1. Announcement – Mary Henehan has completed her Doctorate and she now officially Dr. Henehan

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