Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting Agenda 10_11_2019

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting

October 11, 2019


IFC 223


Position Name YES / NO
Chair Erica Barrow  
Vice Chair Janet Dalzell  
Secretary Andrew Buckle  
Treasurer Robin Chaddock  
Senior Faculty Rep Diane Smith  
Senior Faculty Rep Merrill Yancey  
Adjunct Faculty Rep Linda Nicole Morse  
Adjunct Faculty Rep Liz Gimenez  
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied Technology J. Bradon Barnes  
Rep for School of Arts, Science & Education Dorcas Parson  
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply Chain Nicol Bradberry  
Rep for School of Health Sciences Marcus Stowe  
Rep for School of Information Technology Patrick Benner  
Rep for School of Nursing Randall Scott Sharkey  
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social Services Lara O’Dell  


  1. Guest Speaker – Jay Watts Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
  • Wrap-Up from Statewide Faculty Council Meeting on 10/4 (Andrew).
  1. Kids in Classroom Discussion
  • Update: Standing Subcommittee on Faculty Onboarding Process Improvement (Pat, Linda, Dorcas, Nicol, Lara, and Robin)
  • Update: Standing Subcommittee on Faculty Reclassification Process (Janet, Diane, Merrill, Marcus, Braden, and Randall)
  1. F4 Faculty Reclassification Committee Volunteers (Erica)
  • New faculty issues / concerns?

Next Meeting FRIDAY December 6 @ 2 pm?

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