Strategic Planning Session Meeting Minutes 10_17_2019

Hi everyone,

Here are some rough minutes from yesterday’s meeting with next steps.

  • All 4 committees presented the successes and projects along with lessons learned and challenges
  • Sarah Cleveland went over the process that campuses are going through for the strategic enrollment planning using data
  • Sarah also let us know what work groups other campuses have established
  • Next Step:
    • Have all 4 teams review the data sheet that Sarah sent us to see if there are other data points we want pulled. – done by 10/25
    • Data pulled and review during meeting in Mid November – Lori to get set up
    • Goal during that meeting is to review data and determine what areas need address and how many teams we need to attack
    • New teams start Phase 2 of strategic enrollment plan starting in January 2020
    • In the meantime, current teams continue to focus on momentum for a successful Spring term including possibly assisting in lead up volunteer opportunities on campus during peak.

Thank you all for taking the time yesterday and for all of the successful the teams have had this fall.


Lori Handy, PhD 
Vice Chancellor & COO

Ivy Tech Community College Central Indiana

Office: 317-921-4921


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