Indy Faculty Council Meeting Minutes 1_31_2020

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting

January 31, 2020


IFC 521


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica BarrowY
Vice ChairJanet DalzellY
SecretaryAndrew BuckleY
TreasurerRobin ChaddockN
Senior Faculty RepDiane SmithY
Senior Faculty RepMerrill YanceyN
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Nicole MorseY
Adjunct Faculty RepLiz GimenezN
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon BarnesY
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationDorcas ParsonY
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainNicol BradberryN
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus StoweY
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick BennerY
Rep for School of NursingRandall Scott SharkeyN
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesLara O’DellY

Guests Included: Dr. Rod Brown, Dr. Kathy Lee, and Dr. Lori Handy


  1. Brief Summaries:
    1. Dr. Brown- IAC had no updates at this time
    1. Diane- Meet Professor Day
      1. Reflected on starting later in future event, maybe at 11 or 12 noon
      1. Will do event again in Fall
      1. Need to identify which weekday is busiest and schedule for that time.
      1. Dr. Brown mentioned providing a virtual option for sites.
      1. Diane will collect data from this event from SGA/Student Life about student traffic
    1. Janet- Leadership Meeting Update
      1. Mostly informational
      1. Non payment drops will go earlier in future
        1. Drop 1 week before classes start with option to get back in. Hopefully opens up seats for students who have payment ready.
      1. Reinstatement process changing
        1. Only 5% of faculty refuse reinstatement typically, new process will allow student to be automatically re-enrolled and will check to make sure faculty are alright with the decision, and allow faculty to remove student if situation warrants it.
      1. Strategic Enrollment Teams Phase 2:
        1. Sign up through email from Dr. Brown if interested:
          1. Student Behavior team (i.e. looking at why students might register late, etc…)
          1. K-12 pipeline for Marion County team
          1. Adult Student Population team
          1. African American Student Population team
          1. 0-14 credit hour New Student Team
    1. Erica- Statewide Council Update
      1. Children in classroom policy- see previous email from Erica with document outlining language for this. Follow up with questions/concerns
      1. 4 week pay lag for faculty without a summer contract. Current situation is faculty who do not have a summer contract will face a similar issue to last year where their first payment will not arrive until 4 weeks into the fall semester; the first payment date would be Sept. 11th.  Erica will follow-up with this after the next statewide faculty council meeting.
      1. Erica is on the statewide faculty loading taskforce.  First in-person meeting is February 11.  Erica will provide follow-up at next Indy council meeting.
  2. Guest Speakers:
    1. Dr. Kathy Lee, Chancellor- Ivy Online standardized adjunct pay rate UPDATE
      1. Dr. Lee stated she supported the concern that this council brought to the statewide leadership, 6 campuses paid more than the current $40 rate, 12 pay less. Chancellors voted 6 to 12, with 12 voting against raise and maintaining the $40 rate.
      1. Ivy Online does help our service area enrollment- students who in the past took courses in other services areas online but were coded as Indy students sent their funds to that service area campus. That no longer happens now and our service area gets to keep the headcount as well as the funds associated with that student. Our enrollment has gone up as a result of Ivy Online.
      1. Council members are encouraged to collect questions and concerns about Ivy Online and submit them.
      1. Communication- this has been an issue with the amount of volume of emails and information the campus gets. Communication is a two way street- faculty must be diligent in ready all of the email and administration is working to consolidate the amount of emails into a newsletter.
    1. Dr. Lori Handy- Vice Chancellor- Emplify
      1. Share data presentation, see Erica’s Email from 2/3 with attachments.
      1. Data is from Sept. 2019 survey
      1. Adjuncts: only 186 were surveyed, 54% didn’t respond
      1. Of the 46% that responded, the average score was 80.84 equating to a satisfied adjunct employee.
        1. Concerns arose about the how sample of the total population was collected and if this number is appropriately representing faculty concerns or not.
        1. Only 2% of the actual adjunct pool was sampled
      1. Administration focusing on  drivers and connecting it to the Strategic Goal #8
        1. Fairness
        1. Manager- Although this one may be omitted later on.
        1. Psychological Safety
        1. Trust
      1. Question that arises is what are we going to do with the data? And What should the council specifically do with the data
      1. We discussed asking for comments from the raw data that addressed faculty specifically, and then using qualitative analysis review for themes.
      1. Requested the Emplify Playbook that contains suggested strategies to move scores in a positive direction. See Erica’s email for the PDF
      1. Dr. Brown- Emphasized that this council is one of his advisory boards and wants council participation and input here.
      1. One area the council highlighted to look into was the category of “Rest” or other areas to start addressing morale issues.
      1. Council may want to look at data and connect to other initiatives/strategic goals
      1. Dr. Lee mentioned we can utilize a consultant for assistance with reviewing the data, she is open to hearing our thoughts about the data and what we want to do with it.
    1. Dr. Brown- Vice Chancellor- 2nd 8 week course delayed release on Ivy Online (Feb. 10) update.
      1. Discussed that Systems Office waited for release because of quality control and that some faculty were releasing access for 2nd 8 weeks classes to students now and allowing them to work ahead.
      1. 2nd 8 week courses will now become available to faculty on Feb. 10th, this will be something the statewide team will have to think through in the future. Their next meeting is scheduled for 2/19 and 2/20
      1. Need a communication plan on this
  3. Braden- calculations of years of service for adjuncts & continuing issues with room scheduling for courses
    1. Room Scheduling- This has been an issue, but spring was better than the fall
    1. Years Served- this number only counts if you teach in both Spring AND Fall, faculty who only teach each Spring never get counted for years of service. Braden wants to bring awareness to this issue
    1. Push this up to Rod if the issue is growing
  4. Lara- suggestions for commencement improvement
    1. Erica will contact Rod and Michelle
    1. General concern that venue was too small, rushing experience for the students and their families.
  5. Rica & Lara- Faculty Colloquium Series
    1. Want to sponsor faculty to highlight specific interests and then present it to fellow faculty. Provides presentation opportunities and other cross discipline conversations and community.
    1. Cannot use professional development funds to pay faculty, but may be able to purchase door prizes.
    1. Discussed paying faculty presenters with gift cards to bookstores, food court or courses but mixed messages came from different administrative folks, Erica will clarify and get back to us
  6. New Faculty Issues/Concerns
    1. Printer Issues- Need to clarify the helpdesk process for this. Discussed submitting helpdesk ticket through Pharos, but each printer should have signage walking a user through what to do and how to contact support. Dorcas looking into this and will report back
    1. Contact hours Versus Credit Hours on Contracts- needs to be brought up to statewide loading task force
    1. Curriculum Design Certificate- Coming soon for professional development event for faculty to redesign courses and build professional portfolio. Andrew will update.
    1. Lara- Expungement Clinic for students- March 24th at 5:30pm in IFC 101/102
    1. Lara- Gender Marking Clinic for students,  March 31st, 5:30pm  in IFC 101/102
      1. Both clinics will begin with a presentation and then workshop
  7. Adjourn

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