Indy Faculty Council Meeting Minutes 4_24_2020

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting

April 24, 2020


Zoom Meeting


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica BarrowY
Vice ChairJanet DalzellY
SecretaryAndrew BuckleY
TreasurerRobin ChaddockY
Senior Faculty RepDiane SmithY
Senior Faculty RepMerrill YanceyY
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Nicole MorseY
Adjunct Faculty RepLiz GimenezY
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon BarnesY
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationDorcas ParsonY
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainNicol BradberryN
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus StoweY
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick BennerY
Rep for School of NursingRandall Scott SharkeyY
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesLara O’DellY


Dr. Lee Updates:

Updating Qualtrics sign up sheet for faculty to return to campus temporarily – will be coming out soon.

Emplify coming out next week, Ivy Tech does not control questions though.- Small random list of adjuncts will be sampled.

We (Faculty Council) might need to do our own survey, Ivy Tech is limited in controlling questions from Emplify, Dr. Lee/Sara Hauger can assist us with questions and general navigation of effort. We could use Qualtrics to survey in house. Tracey Allen can assist.

We don’t have access to the actual Emplify questions.

Staff Council worked in Professional Development (PD) about building a project like a work culture PD for staff.

Tracey can help put the questions into Qualtrics, Dr. Lee would like consulted after questions are generated from council, need to touch base with Dr. Brown too.

Dr. Handy- leading reconstitution on local campus. Returning to campus will be systematic and strategic, student return will likely be with students who need it most (ex. HOSP students for skills, lab based courses). It will not be “open doors” everyone comes back a once.

Facilities have been working hard painting, cleaning, etc…

We got designated for CARES act money, student must be title 4 eligible, goes directly to student bank accounts, based on unmet needs. Still waiting on money from feds. Between $200-$1000 per student pending student needs.

Statewide Council Update:

Pass/Fail option, if passed student will see the designation of P/F as such on transcript, should be transferable, but in calculating GPA it will calculate as a C.

Marcus asked about incompletes and financial aid? Need to ask Dr. Brown.

Assume virtual for the fall according to Dr. Monroe at this point. Official call will be made on June 1st. Plan for the worst, hope for the best mentality.

Dr. Brown Updates:

Coming to listen and take questions/concerns and take notes.

We are learning a lot about ourselves. Methods we might sustain as an unintended benefit during this season.

Erica: what do we do with high contact type courses/prgms?

Response: All deans asked alternative delivery plans, assuming we can get back in building at some point what does that look like? We know it will be phased in approach, must keep student, staff and faculty safety a priority. It’s uncertain what logistics will look like or what final plan will be.

Marcus asked: high contact classes, anyone on Systems Office (SO) level has a medical background to help aid in making decisions? Spring/summer all lab in health sciences.

Answer: SO VP has medical background, has been very vocal about the issue. Dr. Fowler is also advocating and been vocal about the concerns about health sciences programs specifically.

Dorcas: math concern, proctoring exams. Concern is level of proctored exams going to overload the system? New issue arises about what equipment needs are for student, like laptops.

Response: VCAA meeting weekly, testing common concern in these meetings, we have evolved as an institution, Respondis lock down browser, zoom proctoring, etc… can be options.

We are ramping up number of proctors available on our campus. Dr. Monroe encouraging faculty to assess through other ways beyond proctored exams. Project based learning as an option.

Merrill: effect of incomplete on students FA?

Response: thought it was resolved, Ben Burton oversees FA. Incomplete extended to Aug. 5th, made sure that students held harmless for incompletes

Merrill: Testing not available until after end of term for certification exams (Merrill’s area a major concern here). His program has taken points associated with certification test in course to not harm students’ grades, but still allow for the exam to be taken for certification at a later time.

Marcus: what happens if we don’t go back in early fall?

Response: we will continue to extend incomplete and use regular policy and make the exception at the appropriate time when the grade is resolved.

Dr. Brown: What has been good? Are there practices that we can sustain even once we go back?

Randall: virtual clinical has gone really well, get more in depth. Much more concentrated with less distractions. May not be a long term solution, but has worked here for this season.

Dorcas: heard more adjuncts have embraced Zoom and how effective it can be for students. Adjuncts have planned to continue to use Zoom.

Merrill: having activity in class, where they get to do something together, ex. Icebreakers, most chapters in the courses provide activities for them to do remotely.

Dr. Brown: used discussion boards even in face to face classes who were a bit more introverted or quiet. Technology can be a benefit to facilitate learning.

Bradon: uplifting comments have been meeting synchronously has been preferred over watching a video.

Diane: emailing and working with students may take time, but the students see the work and appreciate it.

Dr. Brown: please continue to share things that we hear from faculty with him.

  1. Updates from the Statewide Faculty Council (Erica)
    1. Proposed calendars (version 1.0 favored)
      1. Sent out calendar for Wednesday starts. Statewide council favored 1.0 version, have not heard back from Sue or Kara. The one we locally liked matched what statewide liked too. Kara and Sue wanted to start after MLK, but was not clear why. The rationale was if pushed back we could get enrollment from students who didn’t get into other institutions.
        1. Does ITCC know when other institutions start? We would be the last institution to start for the term.
        1. Lara shared that institutions have cut off dates prior to the day classes start.
        1. Janet shared that MLK is a floating date.
        1. Semester creep an issue with the other calendar models.
    1. IvyOnline transition moved to Fall 2021
      1. Council raised the issue, Dr. Lee was against along with others, officially moved to Fall 2021 instead of fall 2020. Andrew Comment: we should promote this as a success of this council to the faculty at large.
      1. Matt Pittman- transition will not be cut and dry for bigger classes, so fall 2021 deadline may not be set it stone even.
    1. Shared Governance Sub-Committee – Dream Plan
      1. 6 on committee including Erica
      2. Committee formed as a result of the academic freedom committee, administration is aware of committee but did not call for it.
  2. Update on Faculty Loading Taskforce (Erica)
    1. Erica serving on this- re-evaluating on how faculty are loaded, narrowing it down on what is feasible, financial is a big issue. Reduction in teaching load is not a reasonable recommendation from this task force.
    1. 12 month contract may be an option, how load is spaced out an option too, nothing concrete.
  3. Update on Indianapolis Leadership Meeting (Erica)
    1. Covered from Dr. Lee and Dr. Brown pop in earlier.
    1. Accuplacer is gone, knowledge assessment has replaced it
      1. Holistic approach to placing students into proper classes, evaluates student and determines where they start at. Gives student opportunity to move up similar to Ivy prep. Knowledge assessment would provide resources to help you go up to next level.
  4. Update on Officer Elections (Erica)
    1. Polls close tonight, Erica will update on Monday
  5. Faculty Reclassification Plan (Janet, Merrill, Diane, and Erica)
    1. Dr. Brown wants faculty council to take ownership, cannot change rubrics or expectations but to help with mentoring. Merrill, Erica, Diane and Janet have been working through it.
    1. Thinking through how to help faculty to get stuff into portfolio. Going through the process. 
  6. Faculty Check-In (all council members)
    1. Andrew had to step out at this time.

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