Indy Faculty Council Meeting Minutes 9/25/2020

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting

September 25, 2020


Zoom Meeting


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica BarrowY
Vice ChairJanet DalzellY
SecretaryAndrew BuckleY
TreasurerLes MeyerN
Senior Faculty RepDiane SmithY
Senior Faculty RepMerrill YanceyN
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Nicole MorseY
Adjunct Faculty RepLiz GimenezY
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon BarnesY
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationDorcas ParsonY
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainNicol BradberryN
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus StoweY
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick BennerY
Rep for School of NursingRandall Scott SharkeyY
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesLara O’DellY


  1. Faculty Check-In (all council members) (~10 minutes)
  2. “Rest” Survey Update (Andrew / Erica) (~5 minutes)
    1. Survey Closes on Oct. 2nd
    1. Erica will send out email blast, Andrew will reach out to deans
    1. Roughly 130 responded at this time.
  3. Update on Statewide Faculty Council Meeting 9/18/20 (Erica) (~20 minutes)
    1. Search for new Chair
      1. Current chair stepping down.
      1. Search for new chair
    1. 8-Week initiative assessment by curriculum committees –
      1. Curriculum committee will pull data on a specific course and compare between 16 and 8 week  and present finding later in academic year.
      1. Maybe due in Spring 2021
      1. Higher contact hour courses- data not supporting 8 week as helpful, more traditional courses are supporting 8 week courses.
    1. IvyOnline Faculty Expectations (spring 2021)
      1. ASOM 7.5.2
        1. Live session requirement, one at the beginning to orientate students to courses. Could be required.
          1. Council think this is a good idea overall.
            1. Concern about time zone of faculty vs. student
        1. Still looking at details on statewide level, no time limit prescribed at this time.
        1. Share any concerns with Erica
    1. Shared Governance
      1. Erica on sub committee- 7 members total, crafting a shared governance statement. There is a completed document, statewide council, provost and Dr. Ellesperman have all seen it and verbally supportive of it. President and Provost want to share with CAO’s to get buy in. 
    1. Low Enrollment Policy
      1. Not clear on a minimum number of students in order to run a course.
      1. Appears to be decided in service area, and possibly school/program.
      1. Council is not in favor of a statewide mandate
    1. Adjunct serve on SFC
      1. Statewide is looking to recruit 1-2 adjuncts to represent adjuncts, it is non paid and meetings monthly for several hours.
      1. Trying to get adjunct representation on statewide council
      1. Erica will get more info for Liz and Linda
    1. Election Day Calendar
      1. Moving forward statewide council wants to give November 3rd to get day off to vote. Could be implemented next academic year Fall 2021.
    1. Learn Anywhere Modality feedback
      1. Anthony Ford- Cyber Security has been doing this for years, Erica will reach out to him. (
      1. Erica may want to reach out to Stephanie Hopper for others in Indy area.
      1. Administration would like to see this method using this method more.
      1. Patrick Benner has LA labs to tour if desired
    1. Social Distance Policy
      1. Nursing program has had to reach out to administration about the policy.
      1. 15 minute exception rule
        1. Marcus- have not been able to comply completely with this within program.
        1. Hard to complete course objectives in some programs with this policy in place.
        1. Bradon’s, Randall’s, Marcus’ programs have a hard time meeting some course objectives.
        1. Erica will reach out to Keith Vogelsang and Jeff Bricker about there programs.
      1. Its unclear if we are using CDC guidelines for social distancing in specific programs.
  4. Update on Indianapolis Leadership Meeting 9/21/20 (Erica) (~15 minutes)
    1. Enrollment numbers & budget
      1. Down 862 students from one year ago=$1.9 million down
        1. Decreased unused funds from budgets of unused stuff from last year by 75%
        1. 75% of our budget is salary and benefits, stronger budget decisions are being made for 2nd 8 weeks. Some campuses have reduced force. Dr. Lee did not say this, but heavier cuts coming in second 8 weeks/ end of October.
    1. Noblesville Faculty & Staff Listening Tour TBD
      1. People interested in joining that campus, options may become open for faculty
      1. Posting chancellor position soon.
    1. Plainfield completion = July 2021
      1. Still on track for completion for July 2021
    1. New Avon location
      1. Closed the strip mall location, there is an admin offices in a nearby space in Avon
      1. Temporary until Plainfield opens
      1. No classes offered in Avon as of now.
  5. Update on Indy Faculty Council Budget (Erica / Les) (~30 minutes)
    1. No one is opposed to proposal

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