Indy Faculty Council Meeting Minutes 11_13_2020


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica BarrowY
Vice ChairJanet DalzellY
SecretaryAndrew BuckleN
TreasurerLes MeyerN
Senior Faculty RepDiane SmithY
Senior Faculty RepMerrill YanceyY
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Nicole MorseY
Adjunct Faculty RepLiz GimenezY
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon BarnesY/N
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationDorcas ParsonY
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainNicol BradberryY
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus Stowe 
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick BennerY
Rep for School of NursingRandall Scott SharkeyY
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesLara O’DellY


  1. Faculty Check-In (all council members) (~10 minutes)
  2. Update on Faculty Reclassification process (Erica) (~15 minutes)
    Dr. Brown and Michelle alerted us – fewer candidates than usual have worked on portfolio after declaring intent: approx. 1/3 of around 25 candidates. Diane will survey candidates for reasons for non-completion and whether they still intend to complete. Lara commented that she is one of those candidates and cannot add this to her workload with the challenges of pandemic teaching modality, expects others are similar. We will ask for grace to be extended in this situation.

  3. Update on Indy Faculty Council Budget (Erica / Les) (~15 minutes)
    HARD No on stipends. Yard Signs, Thank-You cards, raffle prizes: webcams, podcast microphones. Nothing over $100, suggested writing tablets, looking still for other ideas. Items must be tangible and under $100.

  4. Update on IvyOnline Advisory Council Meeting 11/11/20 (Erica) (~10 minutes)
    a. Push to make IvyOnline all 8-week, only 16-week in special situations – going to CAOC Wednesday. Because students are taking 16-week IvyOnline classes, they are leaving campuses with fewer 16-week options.
    b. IvyOnline has a request regarding curriculum committee membership – they want a voting seat on statewide curriculum committees. Statewide faculty council prefers a voice seat with no vote. Issues brought up – credentialing standards, subject matter expertise matters when talking about curriculum.

  5. Update on Statewide Faculty Council Meeting? 11/13/20 (Erica) (~15 minutes)
    Statewide council has leadership transition. Sellersburg campus proposes to have Juneteenth be a college-wide holiday.

  6. “Rest” Survey Update (Andrew / Erica / Lara / Linda) (~25 minutes)
    Andrew sent information about FT responses. Lara’s doing chairs, Linda and Erica have PT. Janet agreed to help with PT data. Discussion of Chairs responses’ missing schools/privacy concerns. Adjunct data will be interesting – adjuncts worry about rest being perceived poorly. Goal for finished presentation by January meetings for “road show.”

  7. Faculty Loading Task Force (Erica):
    Erica shared a proposal for a 5-start contract model change. This would be a drastic and fundamental change and is an option but not assured at all.

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