Indy Faculty Council Meeting Minutes 1_29_2021

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting

January 29, 2020


Zoom Meeting


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica Barrowy
Vice ChairJanet Dalzelly
SecretaryAndrew Buckley
TreasurerLes Meyery
Senior Faculty RepDiane Smithy
Senior Faculty RepMerrill YanceyN
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Nicole Morsey
Adjunct Faculty RepLiz GimenezN
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon Barnesy
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationDorcas Parsony
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainNicol BradberryN
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus Stowey
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick Bennery
Rep for School of NursingRandall Scott Sharkeyy
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesLara O’Delly

Guest- Jay Watts& Michael Jenkins& Dr. Rod Brown, Chris Sleppy


  1. Faculty Check-In (all council members) (~10 minutes)
  2. Update on Indy Faculty Council Budget, Yard Signs, IvyPalooza w Staff Council (Erica) (~5 minutes)
    1. Appreciation signs have been ordered and will be in soon for pick up
    1. Winterfest- Staff Council appreciation event
      1. Ivypalooza-Spring break window- casual event, Erica, Diane, Dorcas, Linda, Marcus planning in collaboration with staff council.
      1. 102 participated in Staff event
  3. Update from Statewide Faculty Council (Erica) (~5 minutes)
  • If available – Jay Watts / Michael Jenkins (Diversity, Equity, and Belonging) possible collaboration
    • Jay Watts- trainings available Erica will send emails
    • Some geared towards faculty specifically
    • Student access exists as well
    • Don’t cancel class- Invite Jay’s team to come and speak to classes
    • Georgina Owens- Assistant Director
  • ~2:30pm = Dr. Brown visit
    • Transition for central Indiana
      • Service area changes- 3 counties
        • Boone and Hendricks county focus
      • New Chancellor
        • Significant cultural change coming
        • Workforce background is a focus
        • Reminder: 2/5  3p for council to set up chancellor questions
    • Dr. Brown will begin attending portions of faculty county meetings
    • Added seat on academic cabinet for faculty member
    • Promotion: Janet asked is their data for attrition rates for promotion candidates?
      • Dr. Brown can look into it
      • Marcus Kolb takes lead of f5 classification at systems office
      • Michelle Griffin- has information on local candidates
      • Mentoring is important component for classification
      • Erica has been meeting with Michelle and Stephanie Hopper on improving the portfolio shell for reclassification
      • Erica has been working into mentoring program further.
    • Dr. Brown Questions:
      • How does the council communicate or is there a communication plan for the broader faculty?
        • Council needs to be better at communicating what are role is and what we are doing.
      • How does the council see it work fitting into the goals of the goals of the strategic plan?
      • What role does the council play on moving towards a school-based model?
      • Regarding the pandemic- modalities of instruction- what roles does the council play in facilitating or developing these instructional modalities?
      • Faculty loading- what role does the campus council play in the discussions at a statewide loading conversations?
      • How do you characterize the chief academic officer and the council relationship?
      • What role does the council have with the two transition points?
      • Assist with setting up faculty council at Noblesville? Transitioning faculty from Indy to new campuses?

How can we assist communication with Dr. Brown’s office?

  • “Rest” Survey Presentation (Andrew) (~30 minutes)

Rescheduled this-  Erica sends calendar invites.

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