10_29_2021 Indy Faculty Council Meeting


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica Barrowy
Vice ChairJanet Dalzelly
SecretaryAndrew Buckley
TreasurerLes Meyery
Senior Faculty RepDiane Smithy
Senior Faculty RepBrianna Pikey
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Morsey
Adjunct Faculty RepRomán Graffy
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon Barnesy
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationMichael Sparksn
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainBarbara Burtony
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus Stowey
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick Bennern
Rep for School of NursingMichelle Shaffern
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesMegan Oedn

Guest – Sherry Moore, Joe Perry for Patrick Benner,Laura O Dell for Megan O. , Stephanie Robertson


  1. 2:00-2:30 pm Announcements & Discussion with Interim VCAA Sherry Moore (all) (~30 minutes)
    1. Enrollment and retention are key focuses right now, with a faculty perspective. Faculty are responsible for degree promotion, promoting Indy classes, promote in IOL to Indy students. In IOL, faculty can promote Indy Learn Anywhere and Virtual to Indy IOL students. Sherry is working on consistency of classes, she is reviewing syllabi and course consistency similar to Ivy Online audits. Making sure faculty are completing ILearn training. Chairs and Deans have a training manual being developed presently. Sherry noted some  Non compliance to ASOM and ensuring we are being compliant. Required trainings coming for chairs and deans- there was a need for a variety of reasons according to her.
    1. Chancellor Meeting with every school- started with SASE, state of the campus is coming from him soon
    1. FTE is low. Full Time Enrollment but FTE measured on students taking 15 credits or more, even though financial aid counts 12 credits as full time. FTE for fiscal purposes is based on 15 credits or more. This is the big revenue number, headcount does not provide fiscal sustainability though, for example 100 students taking 1 credit is not a strong indicator of fiscal health, where as 100 FTE is.
    1. Chancellor is focusing on developing a lot of partnerships
    1. Check Provost updates for ASOM updates, ASOM sections 2, 4 and 6 are especially important to chairs.
    1. Possible student code of conduct book in easily copy/paste format needed. Sherry will look into this.
      1. Link for Code of Conduct: https://www.ivytech.edu/studentcode/
    1. Ivy + tuition model is based on students taking 15 credits.
    1. Indy campus has had the greatest number of offloads throughout state in a recent study.
    1. If considering a 16 week classes, audit is completed to compare that to current IOL and other campus 8 weeks sections. All areas can be looked at, let Sherry know if interested in running a 16 week section.
      1. Chairs can run their own data in Tableau
        1. Chairs will be expected to use Tableau
          1. Training coming – Chris Sleppy is willing to work with chairs
      1. Schedule builder does not differentiate 1 and 2nd 8 week when populating a schedule? Follow up on this?
      1. Feedback is being requested.
  2. Calendar Update (Erica)
    1. 21-22 Wednesday schedule for Spring, summer Wednesday start date. Fall 2022 going back to traditional (prior to Wednesday start dates). Traditional academic calendar will be one-year commitment for 22-23 calendar. No 10-week courses.
    1. 2024-25 is proposed 8 on and 2 weeks off.
      1. Several issues with individual programs that have issue with this model, internships were highlighted and accreditation from some programs too (ex. FINE ARTS)
  3. Canvas Early Access Feedback (Erica)- did not address.
  4. Discuss IvyOnline Access for Adjuncts (Linda)
    1. Access for adjuncts were not able to access class until 2 days before start of term. This has been reoccurring.
  5. 3:00 pm special guest – Stephanie Robertson – discuss faculty code of conduct (~30 minutes)
    1. Possible mediation between a faculty member and other person, that council could serve in this role.
    1. Not an established meeting space with executive leadership to discuss this (or other ideas) presently.
  6. Discuss December Retreat to Bradford Woods (Erica)
    1. In place of Dec. 3rd meeting, go to this location.
    1. Erica will follow up and let us know more info.

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