2_25_2022 Indy Faculty Council Meeting

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting Minutes

Feb. 25th, 2022 2:00pm-4:00pm


Erica Barrow

Andrew Buckle

Brianna Pike

Patrick Benner

Janet Dalzell

Barb Burton

Linda Morse

Bradon Barnes

Marcus Stowe

Diane Smith

Les Meyer

Michael Sparks

Michelle Shaffer

Megan Oed

Guests: Joshua Farrington and Dr. David Oehler

Mask mandate –

Masks likely going optional next week- taskforce has been working and watching data for the last couple months leading to a policy change with expectation that we will may have to mandate masks again if data changes in the negative.


 process underway, taking budget to board next month or two.

Dr. Oehler will look into the financial implications of Ivy Online for our fiscal situation and the impact it plays into layoffs and overall fiscal health of our campus.

Joshua Farrington- Advising model

High quality Advising and instruction are important and part of a success story in a student’s eyes

Model built on strategy 3.5

Who you take a course with matters to the student.

Demonstrated -Metrics informed student success and academic advising dashboard in Tableau

Concern over student faculty completion data being shown to students without proper context. Concern about how administration could/would use this data.


Emplify data may be opportunity for IFC to volunteer ourselves for working with some aspect of data

Megan- will look into adjunct onboarding committee

Statewide faculty council-

interim provost open to talking about faculty issues

                Alan Lewis- wanting to learn how to automatically reinstate students based on certain metrics.

                Council does not like 8 week course structure

                Faculty Loading Taskforce may not go anywhere, cost estimated to be $3 million

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