Indy Faculty Council Meeting Minutes 6_26_2020

Indianapolis Faculty Council Meeting

June 26, 2020


Zoom Meeting


PositionNameYES / NO
ChairErica Barrowy
Vice ChairJanet Dalzelly
SecretaryAndrew Buckley
TreasurerLes Meyery
Senior Faculty RepDiane Smithy
Senior Faculty RepMerrill Yanceyy
Adjunct Faculty RepLinda Nicole Morsey
Adjunct Faculty RepLiz GimenezN
Rep for School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied TechnologyJ. Bradon Barnesy
Rep for School of Arts, Science & EducationDorcas Parsony
Rep for School of Business, Logistics & Supply ChainNicol Bradberryy
Rep for School of Health SciencesMarcus Stowey
Rep for School of Information TechnologyPatrick Bennery
Rep for School of NursingRandall Scott Sharkeyy
Rep for School of Public Affairs & Social ServicesLara O’Delly


  1. Welcome to new treasurer Les Meyer!  (Erica) (~5 minutes)
    1. Special Guests: Chris Sleppy and Stephanie Hopper
    1. Welcomed new member: Less
  2. Faculty Check-In (all council members) (~10 minutes)
    1. Marcus’s program is getting through but safety concerns with continuing virtual, need to be traditional for labs
  3. Update on 6/15/20 Indianapolis Leadership Meeting (Janet) (~5 minutes)
    1. Similar to the town hall from this morning for all faculty. Continuing virtual, addressing who is coming to campus. Admin back in offices, staffing front desk as student are approaching the campus with questions.
    1. Cleaning routines were addressed
    1. Developing a single sign on for student services, go to one place to get signed up for various student services.
  4. Updates from the Statewide Faculty Council meeting 6/22-6/23/20 (Erica) (~15 minutes)
    1. Roll-over of unused faculty release time from spring 2020 to 2020-2021 contracts to Dr. Monroe
      1. Rolling over faculty release time from spring and adding to new contract. Not finalized yet, but was supportive from administration
      1. Future goal may be a sick bank as well. Sick bank- faculty could donate sick time to others for medical emergencies who have already used up their personal sick time.
    1. Shared Governance subcommittee currently working on draft of policy – Drs. Ellsperman & Monroe “supportive”
      1. Statewide working on a document- Erica is a part of this group.
      1. Showed draft to Sue and Kara, they were “supportive”
      1. Idea would be that the entire council would get one vote at the statewide table, just like each campus chancellor gets one vote on items
    1. Sabbatical subcommittee proposing 8-week sabbatical in addition to 16-week sabbatical
      1. Making 2 options, one 16 week and one 8 week. 8 Week would be a bit easier to get. Sue and Kara supportive
    1. IvyOnline Update from Matt Pittman = 61% of all classes are 8-weeks; less sections & more students; no current plan to re-evaluate standardized IvyOnline pay rate but Matt Pittman supports efforts
      1. One semester of data shared to draw conclusions from- this was a concerning to some since the data was from pandemic transition.
        1. That data shows- less sections offered, more students enrolled and efforts were positive.
    1. Inclusive Tuition from Dom Chase – Cengage Unlimited maybe purchased by entire College for $5 million this year using CARES $$$; however, OER is still preferred over publisher materials
      1. Access would be for 1 year, didn’t seem like it was asking our opinion, more letting us know it was happening.
      1. Student spend roughly $8 million last year, so we are saving the students money over the course of one year.
    1. Faculty Salary Study from Mike Davis = internal audit of full-time faculty 9-month salaries across College (1347 faculty) showed average salary of ~$50,000; 60% faculty female 40% faculty male; Campuses pay same ranking faculty differently based on Campus ($47,700-$55,800).
      1. Chancellors just got this information yesterday
      1. Erica cannot share data yet
      1. More information coming, several concerns brought up from this council on this point nd would like to learn more and see data when possible
  5. Update on Faculty Loading Taskforce 6/23/20 (Erica) (~5 minute)
    1. 5 subcommittees = job descriptions, 5-start faculty contracts, summer loading, chair loading, workload template & equation
      1. Faculty loading task force- 40-50 people from across state.
      1. On track to get recommendations to Sue and Kara by December
    1. December = goal for finalized task force recommendation
      1. 12-month contracts for faculty & chairs- this will be a recommendation
      1. This may mean that faculty can choose when they want to take time off instead of summer only.
      1. 5 start contract- every 8 week is a start (i.e 2 fall, 2 spring, 1 summer)
      1. Concern with full “summer” loads for programs that historically have had full loads, now being required to take 50% loads instead, resulting in decrease in overall paym compared to previous years when 100% summer contracts were more common for some.
  6. Discussion – IvyOnline hiring & credentialing (Patrick & Erica) (~5 minutes)
    1. Patrick’s question: School of Information Technology- promoted to DC- teacher interest form for Ivy Online. Some faculty did not get chosen to teach, transparency was a concern here. People don’t know why they were turned down on Ivy Online.
    1. Ivy Online will evaluate those faculty who want to evaluate online. Link forthcoming from Erica. Seems unclear how people are being evaluated though.
  7. Faculty Reclassification ORG & Trainings (Erica / Janet / Diane / Merrill / Stephanie Hopper) (~10 minutes)
    1. ORG set up
    1. Friday July 10 AM mentor meeting?
    1. Friday July 17 AM candidate training?
  8. Update on Emplify Survey Results Meeting 6/11/20 (Erica) (~5 minutes)
  9. “Rest” Survey Update & Discussion (Andrew / Lara / Les / Linda / Liz / Erica) (~30 minutes)
    1. Andrew, Lara, Erica, Les, Liz and Linda have been meeting regularly drafting a survey on Faculty rest
    1. Rough Draft was attached to this week’s Agenda
    1. Idea is to vet with council now, submit to administration to vet, resend to council and then roll out to faculty in Fall.
      1. Asking all council members to review current draft and submit edits between now and July 10th.
      1. Sub committee will take suggestions make edits prior to sending to administration to review.
      1. Suggestions made at today’s meeting included:
        1. Put all questions with same format together- Likert / open
        1. Question 2 & 3 – move to question 1 & 2.
        1. Q 4 and alternative 10- same?
        1. What about asking if faculty takes personal days?
          1. also about sick/bereavement/other leave 
        1. Time commitment with on campus vs virtual instruction. Never off the clock.
      1. Bradon would like invited to next survey meeting.

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